Body in White Assembly & Stamping

E&E invests in the tools and talent to ensure we will always deliver the highest quality underbody and body-in-white (BIW) manufacturing solutions. Your success is our business.

  • High quality—known for industry-leading PPMs and maintain an on-site A2LA-certified metallurgical lab
  • Consistent on-time delivery—decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers
  • Innovation—we don’t just make a good part; we engineer a good solution that ensures quality and reduces costs

E&E is committed to a hands-on partnership, finding novel solutions to your automotive production challenges. We are a family-owned, multi-generational metal stamping, roll-forming, and assembly operation. Even after half a century in business, we maintain an entrepreneurial attitude. E&E is nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal. Nonetheless, we lead the automotive industry in delivering quality engineering and manufacturing solutions.

How do we ensure consistent, timely, and cost-conscious body-in-white solutions?

We Care.

Reliable Automotive Vehicle Body Assembly Process

We like to get involved early in your BIW design process, helping you determine feasibility and explore options. Our engineering team can often present alternative solutions, and has a track record for creating significant efficiencies for our customers.

To ensure high quality and timely delivery, E&E has consistently invested in the best tools and the best talent. We control the entire body in white production process from cradle to grave, and are vertically integrated with our tool shop, giving us a deep network of tool-build resources. We create the tooling, set up the roll stands, make the stamping, weld the fastener, maintain the dies, inspect each workpiece and prepare complete engineering reports for failure analysis—all under one roof.


Automated Weld Lines

Advanced High Strength

Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Roll Formed

Rocker Assemblies

Body in White Assembly & Stamping Capabilities


  • Manual and robotic MIG welding
  • Resistance spot
  • Welding
    projection welding


  • Riveting
  • Staking
  • Numerous patented tapping processes—we specialize in replacing
  • Secondary fasteners with integrated extrusions


  • Complex designs
  • Small parts to heavy stampings (up to 8mm carbon steel)
  • Shear blanking
  • Robotic blank feed
  • Mechanical and servo presses
  • Transfer presses handling 700–2,500 tons
  • Progressive presses handling 150–2,500 tons


  • Threaded and unthreaded
  • Replace secondarily applied fasteners
  • E&E Drawn Structural Extrusions are found on many of the world’s best automobiles


  • Cutting-edge stamped fastener technology—cage nuts, weld nuts, tapping plates
  • Reduce cost and weight
  • Fasteners influenced by E&E designs can be found around the world

On-site A2LA-certified metallurgical lab:

  • Weld measurement and analysis
  • Micro-hardness testing
  • Qualifications testing
  • Complete engineering reports for failure analysis
  • … etc.

Advanced quality control:

  • Multiple quality departments
  • Fail-safe human/automated quality controls

Body in White Assembly & Stamping Products

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