Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

As a world class manufacturer, we offer expertise in a range of manufacturing processes, including Stamping, Roll Forming, Tapping and Welding. We have over 50 years of metal forming and manufacturing experience, and we pride ourselves on bringing a solutions approach to our customers. With over 600,000 square feet of industrial space and investments in the newest technology in manufacturing capabilities, we have the best-in-class capabilities that will translate into your success.

Investment in Manufacturing Technology

Servo Stamping Technology

    • Transfer automation capable;
    • Single system integration for better reliability;
    • Servo-drive for full working capacity at any speed.

Metform Roll Forming Mill

    • Integrated system includes feeder, blanking press, and roll line;
    • Reduced tooling cost and improved manufacturability of parts.
    • Offers innovative solution for certain part profiles to reduce cost and improve productivity.

Welding Cells

    • Adaptive welding automatically alters weld parameters based on electronic feedback from components;
    • MFDC Welding with Servo Gun Technology uses less energy and results in stronger weld;
    • Integrated 3-D vision sensors that read presence as well as length and width of weld beads.