Chassis Components

Your success is our business. E&E invests in the tools and talent to ensure we will always deliver the highest quality chassis systems and chassis components.

  •  Consistent on-time delivery—decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers
  •  High part quality—industry-leading PPMs
  • Metallurgical lab with A2LA certification—in-house weld analysis, qualifications testing, and more
  • Hands-on partnership—we don’t just stamp a good chassis; we find the best solution for your organization and application

We’re committed to finding novel solutions to your chassis system and component challenges. This is a family-owned heavy stamping manufacturer. Even after half a century, we maintain an entrepreneurial attitude–nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal–while delivering world-class quality, engineering, and manufacturing results. How do we consistently supply better automotive chassis systems, components, and solutions? We Care.

Chassis Component Manufacturing Solutions

E&E has produced automotive components for foreign, domestic, commercial, industrial, luxury and military vehicles—including full frame rails, axle brackets, and other heavy-gauge components. We have a track record for creating significant efficiencies for our customers, substantially lowering their costs without compromising on quality.

Heavy stampings place high demands on tools. At E&E we’ve always focused on the “hard stuff”—high-strength and 90KSI steel, dual-phase materials, and so on. We’ve consistently invested in the best tools and the best tool talent. We don’t just have backup presses in every size: our in-house tool maintenance team is second to none.

This attention to tooling and equipment maintenance gives us the agility and flexibility we need to tackle new challenges and exceed expectations while meeting your schedule. By keeping the entire metal forming process in-house, we can deliver consistent, high-quality, cost-effective, and durable chassis systems.


Frame Assemblies

Heavy Gauge Stamped

Axle Components

Chassis Component Capabilities

Automotive chassis stamping:

  • Complex designs and unique shapes heavy
  • Stampings (up to 8mm carbon steel)

Excellent tool discipline:

  • Transfer, progressive, mechanical, and servo presses handling up to 2,500 tons
  • High-quality tools, high maintenance standards

Dedicated engineering:

  • Expertise in weight reduction through design simplification

Advanced quality control:

  • Fail-safe human/automated quality assurance and on-site A2LA-certified metallurgical lab

Chassis Component Products

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