E&E stamps a variety of stainless steel components for automotive exhaust systems: catalytic converter shells, muffler shells and end plates, muffler baffles, brackets, and more. Our customers enjoy:

  • High quality—industry-leading PPMs
    Consistent on-time delivery—backups ready for every press, decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers
  • Hands-on partnership—we don’t just make a good part; we find the best solution, in terms of cost, quality, and delivery

E&E is a family-owned, multi-generational metal stamping operation. Even after 50 years in business, we maintain an entrepreneurial attitude: nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal. Nonetheless, we deliver industry-leading quality, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. We’re committed to a hands-on partnership. Your success is our business.

How do we consistently supply high-quality muffler and exhaust system components?

We Care.

Vehicle Exhaust System Solutions

E&E has a track record for creating significant efficiencies for our customers, substantially lowering their costs while delivering quality exhaust system components on schedule. We can stamp a full range of muffler components: baffles, stainless-steel muffler shells, end plates, hangers, welded brackets, and more. We also have experience with catalytic converters’ housings, shields, and interior components. Our engineering team likes to get involved early on, offering suggestions on difficult parts and preferred processes, discussing feasibility, and finding alternative solutions or approaches.

At E&E we’ve always focused on the “hard stuff”—high-strength and stainless steel, dual-phase materials, deep draws, and so on. We’ve consistently invested in the best tools and the best tool talent. We’re vertically integrated with our tool shop, and can draw on a deep network of tool-build resources to fit your needs and budget. By keeping the entire metal forming process in-house, we can deliver consistent, high-quality, cost-effective, and durable exhaust components and systems.

Stainless Steel




Exhaust Capabilities

Dedicated engineering:

  • Fast response time
  • Value-added engineering using the latest CAD and simulation tools

Superior tool discipline:

  • In-house tool development reduces tooling expense
  • Increased material utilization
  • Timely delivery

Handling the "Hard Stuff":

  • Stainless steel
  • Dual-phase alloys
  • Multi-stage stamping and forming automations

Advanced quality control:

  • Fail-safe human/automated quality assurance
  • On-site A2LA-certified metallurgical lab