Structural Extrusions

Replacing a fastener with an extrusion can be an easy win. Each fastener or weld point adds a step, while also adding a possible point of failure. E&E is an established leader in automotive structural extrusions in aluminum, steels, and alloys. We offer:

  • Consistent on-time delivery—decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers
  • High part quality—known for best-in-class PPMs
  • Overall reliability—we don’t just make a good part; we engineer a good solution that reduces costs

This is a family-owned metal stamping and extrusion operation. Even after half a century, we maintain an entrepreneurial attitude: nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal. Still, we deliver industry-leading quality, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

E&E is committed to a hands-on partnership. Your success is our business.

How do we consistently use steel, alloy, and aluminum extrusions to supply better solutions?

We Care.

Custom Extrusions Reduce Costs

A vehicle component supplier approached E&E for help redesigning a problem part. The component in question consisted of a bracket and weld nuts. Their existing process resulted in customer rejection rates of 100 to 125 parts per million (PPM). Problems included missing nuts, upside-down nuts, off-location nuts, and holes blocked by weld slag. Making matters worse, these errors were often only discovered by the end customer late in their production process. The result: Ballooning costs, missed deadlines, enormous stress.

Even after spending over $100,000 on automated programmable sensors to support their quality assurance program, the automotive supplier could only reduce rejection rates to 50 to 75 PPM.

E&E reengineered the bracket. We eliminated weld nuts entirely, replacing these with threaded extrusions. This immediately saved them the cost of a new resistance welder ($125,000). It also eliminated a secondary operation and a QA step, reduced supply costs, freed up floor space, and removed any possibility of missing, misplaced, or obstructed weld nuts. The benefits of moving to a custom extrusion continued to accrue over the lifetime of that project.

Structural Extrusions

in Seating Components

Structural Extrusions

for Chassis Applications

Structural Extrusion Capabilities

All extrusion shapes, profiles, and cross-sections:

  • High volume, high quality, high value, low cost
  • Extrusions from 0.5mm to 20mm thick (depending on part configuration)
  • Extrusions within 25mm of each other (depending on part configuration)
  • Hole size tolerances typically held to +/- 0.05
  • Hole-to-hole location tolerance typically +/- 0.2mm or better
  • Threaded or unthreaded (all tapping performed in-house)

All materials:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High-strength and ultra high-strength steels
  • Alloy steel
  • Dual-phase materials
  • Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals

Cost and weight reduction:

  • Save weight and reduce cost through tailored material selection and custom
  • Extrusion design

Value-added engineering:

  • Need a performance specification? E&E has developed in-house performance specs for extruded fasteners

Advanced quality control:

  • Fail-safe human/automated quality assurance

Structural Extrusion Products

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Product 2

Product 3