Fastening Solutions

For 50 years E&E has been a pioneer in stamped metal fastener design and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on supplying stamped fasteners that exceed industry expectations for consistency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and durability. E&E offers:

  • Consistent on-time delivery—decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers
  • High part quality—we’re known for best-in-class PPMs
  • Stamped fastener innovation

E&E is a family-owned metal stamping operation. Even after half a century, we maintain our entrepreneurial attitude: nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal. We form hands-on partnerships with our customers, finding the best solutions for their business, delivering world-class results.

How do we consistently supply better industrial and automotive fastener solutions?

We Care.

Lower Your Costs with Reliable Stamped Fastener Manufacturing

Our stamped fasteners directly compete with cold-formed alternatives on cost and quality. While we stock a range of standard and proprietary fasteners, we’re know for completely custom fastener solutions. These customer fasteners can be entirely designed by E&E, or created based on your designs.

We also stock an exclusive line of patented fasteners. These proprietary fastener solutions can significantly reduce tooling and manufacturing costs while improving durability. Our designs have set new standards throughout the automotive industry. They’re widely copied, but our results are never duplicated.

We don’t just stamp standard and speciality fasteners. E&E is an established leader in automotive structural extrusions. We work in aluminum and a wide range of steels and alloys. Based on your specific challenges, we can often engineer extrusion solutions to replace fasteners. These can lower costs throughout the manufacturing process, improving product performance while reducing the possibility of missed deadlines or creeping costs.


Weld Nuts





Fastening Solutions Capabilities

All types of custom and standard fasteners:

  • Cage nuts
  • Weld nuts
  • Tapping plates
  • Threaded rods
  • Retainers
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous, etc.

Ready-to-ship inventory:

  • Full catalogue of stock items and state-of-the-art stamped fastener technology—in stock and ready to ship

Value-added engineering:

  • Tailored solutions to save weight and reduce costs

Advanced quality control:

  • Fail-safe human/automated quality assurance

Fastening Solutions Products

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