Roll Forming

Your success is our business. Our team is always searching for new ways to meet schedules, reduce costs, and exceed expectations. E&E automotive roll forming customers benefit from our:

  • Consistent on-time delivery—decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers
  • High part quality—industry-leading PPMs
  • Roll-formed parts innovation—we don’t just make a good part; we engineer a good solution that solves problems and reduces costs

E&E is committed to a hands-on partnership, finding novel solutions to your metal forming challenges. This is a family-owned custom roll-forming and metal stamping operation. Even after half a century, we maintain an entrepreneurial attitude: nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal. Still, we deliver industry-leading quality, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

How do we consistently deliver best-in-class quality without compromising on personal attention to detail?

We Care.

Automotive Roll Forming Solutions

A prominent German auto manufacturer was looking to expand one of their model lines. This line already included a wagon and coupe, but they’d decided to add a new seven-passenger configuration with a longer body. This would require retooling of production for some structural and chassis component assemblies, including the rocker section, which would need to be fabricated in three different lengths. Other suppliers had quoted this large rocker panel as a stamping project.

E&E instead quoted this project as a constant roll formed part. By roll forming the section, E&E was able to apply the same tooling and process for all three vehicles. Without compromising on quality or delaying delivery, E&E reduces set-up costs.

When car owners brag about their vehicles’ “exquisite German engineering,” they’re often showcasing the skills, ingenuity, and expertise of E&E workers in Michigan and Tennessee.

Rocker Panel


24 Pass

Roll Mill

Roll Forming Capabilities

Lower costs:

  • Value-added engineering reduces tooling expense, increases material utilization

Any material:

  • Aluminum
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High-strength and ultra high-strength steel
  • Dual-phase materials
  • Ferrous, nonferrous, etc.

Any bend, cross-sectional shape, or cut-off:

  • C-channel
  • U-channel
  • Custom profiles and cross sections
  • Pre-punched, post-cut, pre-cut
  • Different part lengths with no additional tooling

On-site A2LA-certified metallurgical lab:

  • CMM
  • Weld analysis
  • Quality testing
  • … etc

We have advanced quality control:

  • Roll formers with integrated error proofing
  • Fail-safe human/automated quality assurance

Roll Forming Products