Tooling & Stamping

We keep production schedules without compromising on quality. Every E&E metal stamping customer enjoys the peace-of-mind that comes with:

  • Consistent on-time delivery—we have backups ready for every press
  • High part quality—we’re known for best-in-class PPMs
  • Overall reliability—decades of performance awards from demanding manufacturers

E&E is committed to a hands-on partnership, making your success our business. This is a family-owned metal stamping business. We maintain an entrepreneurial attitude—nimble, flexible, responsive, and personal—while offering world-class quality, delivery, and manufacturing capabilities.

How do we ensure timely delivery and cost-conscious automotive component and sub-assembly manufacturing?

We Care.

Hands-on Metal Stamping and Automotive Tooling Solutions

E&E tailors every metal stamping and tooling solution to your needs and budget. We have a track record for creating significant efficiencies for our customers, substantially lowering their costs—without lowering quality or missing delivery deadlines.

Our engineering team is hands-on. We like to get involved early in your process, helping you determine feasibility and explore options for difficult stampings. We can often present alternative solutions that reduce weight and cost. For example, we excel at replacing secondary fasteners with integrated extrusions—lowering tooling cost, removing handling steps, and eliminating a possible point of failure.

A Manufacturing Process Built for Reliability

E&E is especially adept at handling the “hard stuff”: stainless steel, high-strength and ultra-high strength steel, and dual-phase materials. These are tougher to stamp, and pose tooling challenges that can lead to missed delivery dates.

This is where our investment in tooling expertise comes into play. We’re vertically integrated with our tool shop, and can draw on a deep network of tool-build resources here and abroad to fit your needs and budget.

By integrating every part of the fabrication process under one roof—rolling, stamping, extrusions, tooling, automation, equipment maintenance, engineering, an A2LA-certified metallurgical lab, and more—we can be sure to deliver consistent, high-quality, cost-effective, and durable metal stamping solutions.

Presses Ranging

from 150 to 2500 tons


in structural extrusions



Tooling and Stamping Capabilities

Excellent tool discipline:

  • High-quality tools, high die and maintenance standards

Broad range of presses:

  • Complex designs
  • Small parts to heavy stampings (up to 8mm carbon steel)
  • Mechanical and servo presses
  • Shear blanking and robotic blank feed
  • Transfer presses handling 700–2,500 tons
  • Progressive presses 150–2,500 tons

Broad range of materials:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High-strength and ultra-high strength steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Dual-phase materials
  • Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals

Dedicated engineering:

  • Expertise in weight reduction through design simplification, cost reduction by replacing secondary fasteners with integrated extrusions

Advanced quality control:

  • Fail-safe human/automated quality assurance

Tooling and Stamping Products

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