E&E is a family-owned business. We maintain an entrepreneurial attitude—nimble, flexible, responsive, and hands-on—while providing world-class quality, delivery, and manufacturing. Your success is our business.

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50+ Years

invested in tools and tool talent

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Best-in-Class Manufacturing Capabilities

Automotive manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen Group, and Mercedes-Benz pride themselves on the quality of their design and engineering. But they’ll be the first to tell you: A design is just a drawing unless you have a supplier with the right equipment, the right technology, the right skills, and the proven process to stamp, roll, and weld that drawing into a reality.

Our team has decades of industrial and automotive manufacturing experience. They can form and stamp a broad range of materials and grades: complex designs, unique shapes and cross-sections, deep draw structural extrusions, heavy stampings (up to 8mm carbon steel), ferrous and nonferrous metals, and more. We’ve long invested in the tools and talent needed to handle the “hard stuff”: stainless steel, high-strength and ultra-high strength steel, and dual-phase materials. We’re known for innovative fastener and extrusion solutions, lowering weight and cost while increasing durability and performance.

Industries We Serve

The "We Care" Culture

For more than 50 years E&E has delivered world-class industrial manufacturing solutions. We’ve done so by staying true to our roots: We care.

While investing in world-class talent, tools, and technology, we’ve always maintained our commitment to a hands-on, flexible approach to finding solution, and maintaining a family atmosphere that puts people first. We’re proud to not only be a multi-generational family owned business, but to also have multiple generations of workers.